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Central Reference Repositories
filewatcherdFreeBSD daemon that watches files and runs commands when they change Natasha Kerensikova2023-01-30 06:21

Mirrors of Fossil Repositories
aoc-2023My solutions in CHICKEN scheme to Advent of Code 2023 Natasha Kerensikova2023-12-26 18:47
iensManager of links to read Natasha Kerensikova2024-03-21 17:21
pref-matrixWeb interface to coordinate preferences Natasha Kerensikova2024-01-28 10:33

Other People's Projects, Forked and Patched
dwmSuckless' dwm with my personal patches Suckless2024-06-09 15:14
gruikGCU-Squad's RSS-to-IRC bridge with proposed improvements GCUSquad2024-05-27 16:18
slstatusSuckless' slstatus with my personal patches Suckless2023-05-20 09:50
stSuckless' st with my personal patches Suckless2023-05-19 07:25
tabbedSuckless' tabbed with my personal patches Suckless2023-03-12 15:59

Read-Only Archived Repositories
aoc-2022My solutions in postscript to Advent of Code 2022 Natasha Kerensikova2022-12-27 14:38
battery-minusPebble activity tracker that records battery events Natasha Kerensikova2024-06-15 09:23
classic-liteMinimalist rewrite of Ɓukasz Zalewski's "classic" pebble watchface Natasha Kerensikova2024-06-15 09:47