My solutions in postscript to Advent of Code 2022
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Author: Natasha Kerensikova <>
Date:   Mon,  5 Dec 2022 19:00:20 +0100

Add an after-the-fact comment to day 5 solutions

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -296,3 +296,16 @@ show showpage quit + +% Thinking back about these solutions, I realize I went through them with +% a kind of "functional" mindset, with immutable objects and functions +% returns a new object built from the old one, while PostScript primitives +% have more of a "referential" paradigm, e.g. "put" functions pop the +% composite from the stack and modify it in place, leaving it to be accessed +% from another reference. There are several places where fighting the +% PostScript doesn't go well, e.g. with the rebuild and deep-rebuild. +% +% I should also probably have used a linear array for storage, the lack of +% clarity of copies vs references was compounded by the use of an array of +% arrays, instead of using a linear array and modular arithmetic to map +% 2D coordinates into a linear index.