Fork of suckless' dwm with my personal patches
git clone https://git.instinctive.eu/dwm.git
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commit 281f0981a6edd51417f9bb427cc870370748e43f
parent 6ff346bed992971f508102b5f0b9cf34038a2c08
Author: Anselm R. Garbe <arg@10kloc.org>
Date:   Mon, 11 Sep 2006 07:40:41 +0200

added some comments
Mclient.c | 6+++---
Mdwm.h | 141+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------------------
2 files changed, 72 insertions(+), 75 deletions(-)

diff --git a/client.c b/client.c @@ -19,11 +19,11 @@ detachstack(Client *c) } static void -grabbuttons(Client *c, Bool focus) +grabbuttons(Client *c, Bool focused) { XUngrabButton(dpy, AnyButton, AnyModifier, c->win); - if(focus) { + if(focused) { XGrabButton(dpy, Button1, MODKEY, c->win, False, BUTTONMASK, GrabModeAsync, GrabModeSync, None, None); XGrabButton(dpy, Button1, MODKEY | LockMask, c->win, False, BUTTONMASK, @@ -304,7 +304,7 @@ resize(Client *c, Bool sizehints, Corner sticky) wc.border_width = 0; else wc.border_width = 1; - XConfigureWindow(dpy, c->win, CWX|CWY|CWWidth|CWHeight|CWBorderWidth, &wc); + XConfigureWindow(dpy, c->win, CWX | CWY | CWWidth | CWHeight | CWBorderWidth, &wc); XSync(dpy, False); } diff --git a/dwm.h b/dwm.h @@ -11,23 +11,19 @@ #define MOUSEMASK (BUTTONMASK | PointerMotionMask) #define PROTODELWIN 1 +enum { NetSupported, NetWMName, NetLast }; /* EWMH atoms */ +enum { WMProtocols, WMDelete, WMLast }; /* default atoms */ +enum { CurNormal, CurResize, CurMove, CurLast }; /* cursor */ +enum { ColFG, ColBG, ColLast }; /* color */ + +typedef enum { + TopLeft, TopRight, BotLeft, BotRight +} Corner; /* window corners */ + typedef union { const char *cmd; int i; -} Arg; - -/* atoms */ -enum { NetSupported, NetWMName, NetLast }; -enum { WMProtocols, WMDelete, WMLast }; - -/* cursor */ -enum { CurNormal, CurResize, CurMove, CurLast }; - -/* color */ -enum { ColFG, ColBG, ColLast }; - -/* window corners */ -typedef enum { TopLeft, TopRight, BotLeft, BotRight } Corner; +} Arg; /* argument type */ typedef struct { int ascent; @@ -37,7 +33,7 @@ typedef struct { XFontStruct *xfont; } Fnt; -typedef struct { /* draw context */ +typedef struct { int x, y, w, h; unsigned long norm[ColLast]; unsigned long sel[ColLast]; @@ -45,7 +41,7 @@ typedef struct { /* draw context */ Drawable drawable; Fnt font; GC gc; -} DC; +} DC; /* draw context */ typedef struct Client Client; struct Client { @@ -66,77 +62,78 @@ struct Client { Window twin; }; -extern const char *tags[]; -extern char stext[1024]; -extern int bx, by, bw, bh, bmw, mw, screen, sx, sy, sw, sh; -extern unsigned int ntags, numlockmask; -extern void (*handler[LASTEvent])(XEvent *); -extern void (*arrange)(Arg *); +extern const char *tags[]; /* all tags */ +extern char stext[1024]; /* status text */ +extern int bx, by, bw, bh, bmw; /* bar geometry, bar mode label width */ +extern int mw, screen, sx, sy, sw, sh; /* screen geometry, master width */ +extern unsigned int ntags, numlockmask; /* number of tags, and dynamic lock mask */ +extern void (*handler[LASTEvent])(XEvent *); /* event handler */ +extern void (*arrange)(Arg *); /* arrange function, indicates mode */ extern Atom wmatom[WMLast], netatom[NetLast]; -extern Bool running, issel, maximized, *seltag; -extern Client *clients, *sel, *stack; +extern Bool running, issel, maximized, *seltag; /* seltag is array of Bool */ +extern Client *clients, *sel, *stack; /* Client containers */ extern Cursor cursor[CurLast]; -extern DC dc; +extern DC dc; /* draw context for everything */ extern Display *dpy; extern Window root, barwin; /* client.c */ -extern void ban(Client *c); -extern void focus(Client *c); -extern Client *getclient(Window w); -extern Client *getctitle(Window w); -extern void gravitate(Client *c, Bool invert); -extern void killclient(Arg *arg); -extern void manage(Window w, XWindowAttributes *wa); -extern void resize(Client *c, Bool sizehints, Corner sticky); -extern void setsize(Client *c); -extern void settitle(Client *c); -extern void togglemax(Arg *arg); -extern void unmanage(Client *c); +extern void ban(Client *c); /* ban client from screen */ +extern void focus(Client *c); /* focus c, c may be NULL */ +extern Client *getclient(Window w); /* return client of w */ +extern Client *getctitle(Window w); /* return client of title window */ +extern void gravitate(Client *c, Bool invert); /* gravitate c */ +extern void killclient(Arg *arg); /* kill c nicely */ +extern void manage(Window w, XWindowAttributes *wa); /* manage new client */ +extern void resize(Client *c, Bool sizehints, Corner sticky); /* resize c*/ +extern void setsize(Client *c); /* set the size structs of c */ +extern void settitle(Client *c); /* set the name of c */ +extern void togglemax(Arg *arg); /* (un)maximize c */ +extern void unmanage(Client *c); /* destroy c */ /* draw.c */ -extern void drawall(); -extern void drawstatus(); -extern void drawtitle(Client *c); -extern unsigned long getcolor(const char *colstr); -extern void setfont(const char *fontstr); -extern unsigned int textw(const char *text); +extern void drawall(); /* draw all visible client titles and the bar */ +extern void drawstatus(); /* draw the bar */ +extern void drawtitle(Client *c); /* draw title of c */ +extern unsigned long getcolor(const char *colstr); /* return color of colstr */ +extern void setfont(const char *fontstr); /* set the font for DC */ +extern unsigned int textw(const char *text); /* return the text width of text */ /* event.c */ -extern void grabkeys(); -extern void procevent(); +extern void grabkeys(); /* grab all keys defined in config.h */ +extern void procevent(); /* process pending X events */ /* main.c */ -extern int getproto(Window w); -extern void quit(Arg *arg); -extern void sendevent(Window w, Atom a, long value); -extern int xerror(Display *dsply, XErrorEvent *ee); +extern int getproto(Window w); /* return protocol mask of WMProtocols property of w */ +extern void quit(Arg *arg); /* quit dwm nicely */ +extern void sendevent(Window w, Atom a, long value); /* send synthetic event to w */ +extern int xerror(Display *dsply, XErrorEvent *ee); /* dwm's X error handler */ /* tag.c */ -extern void initrregs(); -extern Client *getnext(Client *c); -extern Client *getprev(Client *c); -extern void settags(Client *c, Client *trans); -extern void tag(Arg *arg); -extern void toggletag(Arg *arg); +extern void initrregs(); /* initialize regexps of rules defined in config.h */ +extern Client *getnext(Client *c); /* returns next visible client */ +extern Client *getprev(Client *c); /* returns previous visible client */ +extern void settags(Client *c, Client *trans); /* updates tags of c */ +extern void tag(Arg *arg); /* tags c accordingly to arg's index */ +extern void toggletag(Arg *arg); /* toggles c tags accordingly to arg's index */ /* util.c */ -extern void *emallocz(unsigned int size); -extern void eprint(const char *errstr, ...); -extern void *erealloc(void *ptr, unsigned int size); -extern void spawn(Arg *arg); +extern void *emallocz(unsigned int size); /* allocates zero-initialized memory, exits on error */ +extern void eprint(const char *errstr, ...); /* prints error string and exits with return code 1 */ +extern void *erealloc(void *ptr, unsigned int size); /* reallocates memory, exits on error */ +extern void spawn(Arg *arg) /* forks a new subprocess accordingly to arg's cmd */ /* view.c */ -extern void detach(Client *c); -extern void dofloat(Arg *arg); -extern void dotile(Arg *arg); -extern void focusnext(Arg *arg); -extern void focusprev(Arg *arg); -extern Bool isvisible(Client *c); -extern void resizecol(Arg *arg); -extern void restack(); -extern void togglemode(Arg *arg); -extern void toggleview(Arg *arg); -extern void view(Arg *arg); -extern void viewall(Arg *arg); -extern void zoom(Arg *arg); +extern void detach(Client *c); /* detaches c from global client list */ +extern void dofloat(Arg *arg); /* arranges all windows in a floating way, arg is ignored */ +extern void dotile(Arg *arg); /* arranges all windows in a tiled way, arg is ignored */ +extern void focusnext(Arg *arg); /* focuses next visible client, arg is ignored */ +extern void focusprev(Arg *arg); /* focuses previous visible client, arg is ignored */ +extern Bool isvisible(Client *c); /* returns True if client is visible */ +extern void resizecol(Arg *arg); /* resizes the master width accordingly to arg's index value */ +extern void restack(); /* restores z layers of all clients */ +extern void togglemode(Arg *arg); /* toggles global arrange mode (between dotile and dofloat) */ +extern void toggleview(Arg *arg); /* makes the tag accordingly to arg's index (in)visible */ +extern void view(Arg *arg); /* makes the tag accordingly to arg's index visible */ +extern void viewall(Arg *arg); /* makes all tags visible, arg is ignored */ +extern void zoom(Arg *arg); /* zooms the focused client to master column, arg is ignored */