Fork of suckless' dwm with my personal patches
git clone https://git.instinctive.eu/dwm.git
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commit 68b400e95d2622265c26f8992205806eefe9be16
parent 656882d76f330543b8ecddcf5158e6da575f9202
Author: Anselm R Garbe <anselm@garbe.us>
Date:   Wed,  1 May 2013 15:45:32 +0200

added st to SEE ALSO section

Mdwm.1 | 3++-
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/dwm.1 b/dwm.1 @@ -150,7 +150,8 @@ Resize focused window while dragging. Tiled windows will be toggled to the float dwm is customized by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source code. This keeps it fast, secure and simple. .SH SEE ALSO -.BR dmenu (1) +.BR dmenu (1), +.BR st (1) .SH BUGS Java applications which use the XToolkit/XAWT backend may draw grey windows only. The XToolkit/XAWT backend breaks ICCCM-compliance in recent JDK 1.5 and early