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commit bece862a0fc4fc18ef9065b18cd28e2032d0d975
parent 60e9a14998bfe8666c641f7c27fec18e85ac7494
Author: Miles Alan <m@milesalan.com>
Date:   Mon, 21 Feb 2022 01:10:56 -0500

manage: For isfloating/oldstate check/set, ensure trans client actually exists

In certain instances trans may be set to a window that doesn't actually
map to a client via wintoclient; in this case it doesn't make sense
to set isfloating/oldstate since trans is essentially invalid in that
case / correlates to the above condition check where trans is set /
XGetTransientForHint is called.

Mdwm.c | 2+-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/dwm.c b/dwm.c @@ -1064,7 +1064,7 @@ manage(Window w, XWindowAttributes *wa) XSelectInput(dpy, w, EnterWindowMask|FocusChangeMask|PropertyChangeMask|StructureNotifyMask); grabbuttons(c, 0); if (!c->isfloating) - c->isfloating = c->oldstate = trans != None || c->isfixed; + c->isfloating = c->oldstate = t || c->isfixed; if (c->isfloating) XRaiseWindow(dpy, c->win); attach(c);