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2023-03-12 15:59Optionally-stacked tabsNatasha Kerensikova1+71-5
2023-03-12 09:18Command-line option for autohideNatasha Kerensikova2+9-3
2023-03-08 10:29autohide patchNatasha Kerensikova1+13-4
2023-04-09 10:47restore SIGCHLD sighandler to default before spawning a programHiltjo Posthuma1+8-0
2023-03-11 18:07include X11/keysym.h: improve compatibility with older systemsHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2023-03-11 00:20fix: faulty zombie reapingNRK2+10-13
2022-10-14 17:54remove config.mkHiltjo Posthuma1+0-12
2022-10-14 17:19Makefile: whoops add proper comment for OpenBSDHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-10-14 17:18Makefile improvementsHiltjo Posthuma2+49-51
2022-10-12 21:01Makefile: simplify and remove hiding the build processHiltjo Posthuma2+21-36
2022-10-12 20:55Makefile: add xembed.1 in the dist targetHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2022-10-05 08:29config.h: mark keys as constNRK1+1-1
2022-10-04 17:38bump version to 0.7Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2020-05-12 15:09Fixed crash when window height was less or equal to bar heightmikau1+14-4
2018-03-10 05:44Add OpenBSD support to config.mkLucas Gabriel Vuotto1+11-2
2018-03-10 05:44Embed dmenu in tabbed own windowLucas Gabriel Vuotto1+1-1
2017-09-28 13:36Fix minor inconsistency in man pageAlessandro Caputo1+1-1
2017-05-08 01:08Fix movetab and focusurgent when there's no clientCaleb Malchik1+7-1
2017-05-02 16:23Move tab selection keybinding from Ctrl-t to Ctrl-`Quentin Rameau1+1-1
2017-02-08 12:54One killclient() is enough.Christoph Lohmann1+0-1
2016-04-25 11:53The forgotten half of the last patch.Christoph Lohmann1+5-0
2016-03-21 02:16add -k to close tabbed foreground client on WMDeleteJustin Keogh1+12-3
2016-02-21 16:22Import the arg.h from st with the fixed oob bug.Christoph Lohmann1+20-24
2016-02-13 21:42Added xft supportLucas Gabriel Vuotto3+30-75
2016-01-04 01:21Add configuration option for title truncation stringQuentin Rameau2+7-3
2016-01-03 12:01Remove h flag, put usage() in the default caseQuentin Rameau2+3-7
2016-01-03 12:01Arrange diagnostic messagesQuentin Rameau1+16-16
2016-01-03 12:00Style cleanupQuentin Rameau4+407-365
2016-01-02 18:11Fix install paths and default build flagQuentin Rameau2+13-13
2016-01-03 08:01Bumping up the year.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2016-01-01 13:19Bump year.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2015-08-19 19:11autofocus urgent tabsJonas Rabenstein3+24-4
2015-08-19 19:11focus urgent tabsJonas Rabenstein3+17-0
2015-05-09 19:06Fixing some manpage formatting and formatting in xembed.c.Christoph Lohmann2+10-8
2015-05-06 16:46add xembed wrapper utilityConnor Lane Smith5+100-14
2015-03-10 10:29fix bug in unmanage: check if lastsel is initializedMarkus Teich1+1-1
2015-01-25 09:52My libc wants _DEFAULT_SOURCE.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2015-01-21 02:46revise drawbar and related mechanisms.Markus Teich1+20-30
2014-10-07 15:15movetab(): Move selected tab instead of switchingMarkus Teich1+10-10
2014-09-10 17:50tabbed: UnmapNotify patchOkan Demirmen1+11-0
2014-06-21 05:46Clear urgency hint on sel == cPeter Hofmann1+7-7
2014-05-24 19:09Replace emallocz with ecalloc.noname1+6-6
2014-05-13 23:50add urgent color cmdline optionsMarkus Teich2+28-11
2014-05-13 23:34support urgency wm hintsMarkus Teich2+34-3
2014-01-26 19:05Simplifying the lastsel handling a bit.Christoph Lohmann1+9-18
2014-01-26 17:52The check for a minimal new lastsel is not needed anymore.Christoph Lohmann1+0-1
2014-01-26 17:48Applying the client sel handling of quinq.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2014-01-21 22:12update years in copyright noticesMarkus Teich2+2-2
2014-01-21 18:43Adding conforming documentation of the commandline color support.Christoph Lohmann2+17-9
2014-01-21 18:22Release 0.6.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2014-01-21 18:18Fix crash on client terminationGregor Best1+1-0
2013-12-12 17:06Allow selecting the colors on command line.Markus Teich3+35-6
2013-12-01 19:06Document the new ctrl+t feature.Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2013-11-28 17:26select or open new tab with Ctrl-TMarkus Teich2+53-7
2013-12-01 19:03Revert "select tab with X ClientMessage event"Christoph Lohmann1+3-6
2013-11-28 01:24select tab with X ClientMessage eventMarkus Teich1+6-3
2013-07-29 07:11Fixed obscure miscalculation when a client is closed.Alexander Sedov1+13-3
2013-08-21 04:47Fixing the manpage project name.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2013-08-20 16:44Adding a geometry flag to tabbed.Christoph Lohmann2+59-3
2013-07-07 18:41Don't set cmd[0] to the window IDGregor Best1+2-0
2013-06-23 19:10Noone likes -Wextra.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-06-23 19:09Making the license fetishists happy.Christoph Lohmann1+1-4
2013-06-10 16:24Adding more warnings and no debugging symbols.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2013-05-28 21:07Applying a fix for tab rotation.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2013-05-20 16:14Fix issue with clicks on the tabbed border.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-05-06 18:280.5 tabbed release.Christoph Lohmann2+5-1
2013-04-15 10:01Fix spelling of providedMichael Stevens1+1-1
2013-01-16 17:33Making tabbed convert the title string to native.Christoph Lohmann1+16-3
2013-01-06 13:56Allowing xterm again to be run in tabbed.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-12-25 23:02Fixing the position parameter and adding the documentation for it.Christoph Lohmann2+18-3
2012-12-25 22:53Fixing the compile warning for setenv.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-12-25 22:50Setting the XEMBED environment variable.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-12-25 22:48Adding an option to do relative new position. And fixing tab position.Christoph Lohmann2+73-28
2012-12-25 15:50Adding the -c option to close on last client close.Christoph Lohmann2+23-9
2012-12-25 15:43Removing .hgtags file.Christoph Lohmann1+0-20
2012-12-07 19:50Trivial changes to try out the new update filter script.Christoph Lohmann1+0-3
2012-12-07 19:45Just some change I always wanted to apply.Christoph Lohmann1+0-2
2012-12-03 20:28Adding fullscreen mode to tabbed.Christoph Lohmann3+28-1
2012-11-28 23:22Removing that change.Christoph Lohmann1+0-2
2012-11-28 23:21A test, if this works.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-11-28 22:30Another small change to test the git e-mailing.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-11-28 22:23A small change for a test.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-11-28 22:17Another small change to test the git interface.Christoph Lohmann1+3-1
2012-11-28 17:56A test commit for git.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-11-27 20:17Adding the form of -r1, which will result in -r 1 in arg.h.Christoph Lohmann1+22-7
2012-11-27 19:25Correcting the lastsel handling in tabbed. It should be more predictable now.Christoph Lohmann2+23-19
2012-11-26 13:55Add the -f flag, which tells tabbed to run the given command again, in case the last tab is closed.Christoph Lohmann2+17-3
2012-11-25 22:04New windows should be in the foreground.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-11-25 21:09Changing the single-linked list for clients to a malloc()ed array. This makes algorithms more efficient, that depend on the number of clients or shuffeling around. The patch also adds new shortcuts to move tabs in their position. The default color scheme is changed to the one of the maintainer.Christoph Lohmann4+226-146
2012-11-08 20:51Avoid flashing of surf when it is run in tabbed. Thanks Carlos Pita!Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2012-11-08 20:48Allowing a different position for the window id. Thanks David Galos!Christoph Lohmann2+33-7
2012-11-08 20:40Style inquistion was here.Christoph Lohmann1+129-64
2012-10-13 04:57Fix the atom handling and fix the title setting. Thanks to Carlos Pita!Christoph Lohmann1+8-6
2012-10-03 05:56Adding the -n name parameter to set WM_CLASS. Thanks Gavin Wahl <>!Christoph Lohmann2+31-9
2012-08-20 07:08Added tag 0.4.1 for changeset 29663026c3cbChristoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-08-20 07:07Minor release version.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-08-20 07:05Test before commit. Correcting a typo.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-08-20 07:03Adding ed(1) compatibility.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-08-20 07:02Readding the spawn compatibility to use it in config.h. Thanks to Chris Hall.Christoph Lohmann1+7-2
2012-07-07 20:50Added tag 0.4 for changeset 8a0db4733dd2Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-07-07 20:50Removed tag 0.4Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-07-07 20:50Removing the warning about ┬╗XKeycodeToKeysym.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2012-07-07 20:47Added tag 0.4 for changeset d5b48b107641Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-07-07 20:47Removed tag 0.5Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-07-07 20:46Added tag 0.5 for changeset f82c63df310aChristoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-07-07 20:46Added tag 0.3 for changeset 78e9432d30bcChristoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-07-07 20:45Removed tag 0.4Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-07-07 20:45Removed tag 0.3Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-07-07 20:44Releasing version 0.4.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-07-07 20:43Added tag 0.4 for changeset 5354ba0081c5Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-04-06 18:46Adding the missing arg.h for ARG* macros.Christoph Lohmann1+40-0
2012-04-06 18:45Adding myself to the contributors list.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-04-06 18:45Happy new year 2012!Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-04-06 18:44Introduce ARG* macros to simplify arg handling.Christoph Lohmann2+21-32
2012-04-06 16:45Fixing a manpage typo.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-04-06 16:42Enable easier tabbed handling with the xid.Christoph Lohmann2+7-3
2012-02-09 17:03Add '--' and concatenated parameter support.Christoph Lohmann1+38-16
2012-02-09 16:39Allow no automatic spawning of the command.Christoph Lohmann2+26-4
2011-11-20 16:38display cmd info on tabbed-winConnor Lane Smith1+6-1
2011-11-20 15:15update documentationConnor Lane Smith3+9-9
2011-11-20 15:15new default colour schemeConnor Lane Smith1+12-9
2011-09-26 21:39fix focus handling (thanks roman)Connor Lane Smith1+10-8
2011-09-26 21:37remove unused variable (thanks christoph)Connor Lane Smith1+0-2
2011-09-26 21:36spawn on startup (thanks christoph)Connor Lane Smith1+1-0
2011-06-18 13:37update manpageConnor Lane Smith2+17-20
2011-05-06 20:40added generic client support (thanks Stephen)Connor Lane Smith2+38-20
2010-08-09 10:59sanity patchConnor Lane Smith1+3-8
2010-05-30 20:34Added tag 0.3 for changeset 78e9432d30bcEnno Boland (tox)1+1-0
2010-05-24 22:45next will be 0.3Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2010-05-24 22:44XKill if windows won't close, cleanups.Enno Boland (tox)1+3-2
2010-04-26 20:30removing XSetInputFocus() calls to be ICCCM compliant again. Thanks to Thomas AdamEnno Boland (tox)1+1-2
2010-03-24 22:37Fixing manpageEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2010-03-24 14:11Adding manpage fix from Connor Lane Smith. Thanks ;)Enno Boland (tox)1+15-10
2010-02-16 19:09Some cleanups I will recheck if these are really cleanups tomorrow. Too much coffein be sure right now.Enno Boland (tox)1+2-5
2010-02-16 18:56focus fix for openbox (and maybe a few others)Enno Boland (tox)1+2-0
2010-02-16 18:53improved focus handlingEnno Boland (tox)2+9-3
2009-12-15 08:26tabbed remembers last viewed tab; open new tabs focused/unfocused can be configured now.Enno Boland (tox)2+25-5
2009-11-08 23:13removing autoclose when last client exits.Enno Boland (tox)1+1-4
2009-10-30 13:08Added tag 0.2 for changeset 4db5de5149edEnno Boland (tox)1+1-0
2009-10-30 12:35small change to tabbed.1Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-10-29 14:30next version is 0.2Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-10-28 20:37closing tab with middlemouse, circling tabs with mousewheel.Enno Boland (tox)1+15-1
2009-10-28 19:31sorting functions alphabeticlyEnno Boland (tox)1+20-22
2009-10-28 19:11reverting as it contains debug flags.Enno Boland (tox)1+2-3
2009-10-28 19:09Handling maprequest. that means tabbed works for xterm.Enno Boland (tox)2+13-3
2009-10-28 11:09using dwms/dmenus colors.Enno Boland (tox)1+8-8
2009-10-28 10:40works better now with windowmanager who use mapping/unmappingEnno Boland (tox)1+11-11
2009-10-27 20:59fixing unexpected closing of tabbed when unmapping it.Enno Boland (tox)1+0-2
2009-10-27 20:07fixing manpageEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-10-27 20:07fixing bindings to move()Enno Boland (tox)1+10-10
2009-10-27 20:07formating xembed messages with spaces instead of tabsEnno Boland (tox)1+13-13
2009-10-27 12:25Added tag 0.1 for changeset 8672352fb0d6Enno Boland (tox)1+1-0
2009-10-27 12:13fixing focus/activation of embedded clients.Enno Boland (tox)1+19-12
2009-10-27 11:54code cleanupsEnno Boland (tox)1+2-9
2009-10-26 15:59fixing README and Makefile.Enno Boland (tox)2+3-3
2009-10-26 15:53first version is 0.1, cleanup config.mkEnno Boland (tox)1+4-6
2009-10-26 15:50code cleaning, windows are properly closed on exit; if last client quits, exitEnno Boland (tox)2+31-30
2009-10-15 13:40small typo fix.Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-10-13 17:52reformating source, adding const flags to XEvent-Handlers.Enno Boland (tox)1+38-39
2009-10-13 17:37correcting commentEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-10-12 08:23corrected compilation flagsMatthias-Christian Ott1+2-6
2009-10-13 06:13handle configurerequest.Enno Boland (tox)1+30-8
2009-09-23 09:24storing windowId in char[] variable.Enno Boland (tox)2+6-4
2009-09-23 08:35small variable fixesEnno Boland (tox)1+2-2
2009-09-23 08:33sorting functions alphabeticEnno Boland (tox)1+74-68
2009-09-23 08:00moving xembed messaged to top.Enno Boland (tox)1+12-11
2009-09-23 07:59reformatingEnno Boland (tox)1+11-11
2009-09-23 07:53embedding works nice now.Enno Boland (tox)2+56-27
2009-09-22 20:36resizing works again, windows are getting managed.Enno Boland (tox)2+3-3
2009-09-22 18:28fixing config.def.hEnno Boland (tox)1+2-2
2009-09-22 18:21small fork related fix.Enno Boland (tox)1+1-0
2009-09-22 18:17working on reparenting.Enno Boland (tox)1+20-14
2009-09-14 12:41removing unneeded types from union ArgEnno Boland (tox)1+0-2
2009-09-14 12:39adding manpage and README.Enno Boland (tox)2+66-0
2009-09-13 10:13start implementing xembed.Enno Boland (tox)1+58-11
2009-09-11 11:08changing tabbed to embedding like xterm it does.Enno Boland (tox)1+33-91
2009-09-08 16:55closing windows works better. still not good enough...Enno Boland (tox)1+23-7
2009-09-08 14:56typoEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-09-08 14:24removing autostart. using stdin instead.Enno Boland (tox)2+2-20
2009-09-08 13:55added classhints, tab-clicking works again.Enno Boland (tox)2+16-6
2009-09-08 11:06adding classhints.Enno Boland (tox)1+8-0
2009-09-08 10:50implemented closing tabs (still buggy)Enno Boland (tox)1+77-7
2009-09-08 10:17nicer tabbar.Enno Boland (tox)1+20-5
2009-09-08 09:53added tab selecting with mouseEnno Boland (tox)1+17-0
2009-09-08 09:30tabbed works.Enno Boland (tox)2+258-17
2009-09-08 05:34reparenting works.Enno Boland (tox)1+17-2
2009-09-08 04:57adding reparent()Enno Boland (tox)1+9-2
2009-09-07 22:56fixing run()Enno Boland (tox)1+21-8
2009-09-07 22:06implementing spawntab(), rewriting run()Enno Boland (tox)2+98-21
2009-09-07 20:22added const flag.Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-09-07 20:22forgot to add killclient here.Enno Boland (tox)1+1-0
2009-09-07 20:21adding killclient, removing wmhintsEnno Boland (tox)2+6-7
2009-09-07 14:25removing surf-stuff, distributing tabbed on its own.Enno Boland (tox)6+18-791
2009-09-07 12:29mergeEnno Boland (tox)1+15-16
2009-09-07 12:28changing keybindingsEnno Boland (tox)1+15-16
2009-09-07 12:21event system works, some code arrangingEnno Boland (tox)2+22-20
2009-09-07 11:32adding sourcecode.Enno Boland (tox)1+317-0
2009-09-07 11:22mergeEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-09-07 11:22start writing tabbed.Enno Boland (tox)3+37-3
2009-09-07 11:21changing minimal size.Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-09-07 09:47next version is 0.1Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-09-07 09:43moving config.h to config.def.h.Enno Boland (tox)3+35-31
2009-09-07 09:02moving color definitions to config.hEnno Boland (tox)2+5-4
2009-09-07 08:56indicator is red when http and green when httpsEnno Boland (tox)1+15-1
2009-09-07 08:31making indicator smaller.Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-09-07 08:30typoEnno Boland (tox)1+2-2
2009-09-07 08:30adding indicator bar.Enno Boland (tox)1+46-11
2009-09-07 07:51s/zoompage/zoom/Enno Boland (tox)2+6-5
2009-09-07 07:48typo fixEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-09-07 07:44changes to the event system, make config.h saner, working on cookiesEnno Boland (tox)2+63-96
2009-09-06 12:22typofixEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-09-06 12:13stupidy mergeEnno Boland (tox)0+0-0
2009-09-06 12:12reworked navigate.Enno Boland (tox)2+4-7
2009-09-06 12:09reworked navigate.Enno Boland (tox)2+4-7
2009-09-06 11:54reappling printing; changing some keys.Enno Boland (tox)2+10-3
2009-09-06 11:49mergeEnno Boland (tox)2+191-107
2009-09-06 11:41adding config.hEnno Boland (tox)1+46-0
2009-09-06 11:40adding config.h patch from quaker4lyf. Thanks :)Enno Boland (tox)1+145-105
2009-09-06 11:27Dropping -f/-u arguments as suggested by Kai HendryEnno Boland (tox)2+11-19
2009-09-06 11:15minimal cookie implementation. still using also old one.Enno Boland (tox)1+45-2
2009-09-06 08:56changing back/forward buttonsEnno Boland (tox)2+4-4
2009-09-06 08:18reorganized eventhandling.Enno Boland (tox)1+6-10
2009-09-06 08:10Applied print patch from pancakeEnno Boland (tox)1+6-1
2009-09-04 11:23applied Andrews patches.Enno Boland (tox)1+4-4
2009-08-27 08:13Minor changes to surf.1Andrew Antle1+13-12
2009-09-04 11:20merge, download fixing.Enno Boland (tox)1+4-8
2009-07-13 07:35Applied Jacobs patch. Thanks!Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-06-12 12:41fix downloading, tidyupThomas Menari1+2-7
2009-06-10 11:33updating manpageEnno Boland (Gottox)1+6-0
2009-06-09 20:40adding -Werror to config.mkEnno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2009-06-09 20:08added apos p/y-patch, thanks :)Enno Boland (Gottox)1+14-0
2009-06-09 08:29getting rid or most gpointers, sorting functions alphabetical, using gchar * where ever possible.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+55-65
2009-06-08 21:28small fix.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2009-06-08 20:55fixing _SURF_URL XProperty.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+11-7
2009-06-08 19:36allow all modifiers.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2009-06-08 18:50Fixing keybindings when numlock is enabled.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2009-06-08 15:25Get rid of these gotos.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+12-12
2009-06-08 15:01adding zoom support.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+12-1
2009-06-08 14:49some cleanups.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+2-2
2009-06-08 14:34better download handling.Enno Boland (Gottox)2+89-63
2009-06-08 11:29renamed download handlers.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+7-7
2009-06-08 09:47merged, now has download bar, other misc fixesThomas Menari3+57-23
2009-06-08 07:39adding surf-directory.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+2-1
2009-06-08 07:38use tabs not spaces!Enno Boland (Gottox)1+8-8
2009-06-08 07:31backoutmergeEnno Boland (Gottox)1+1-11
2009-06-08 07:30Backed out changeset ed121082f103 unable to use textfields now. Please implement it in a sane way.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-11
2009-06-08 07:27mergeEnno Boland (Gottox)1+24-3
2009-06-08 06:16adding manpageEnno Boland (Gottox)1+58-0
2009-06-07 19:25cookie persistanceThomas Menari1+11-0
2009-06-07 18:49vi-style scrollingThomas Menari1+11-1
2009-06-07 19:16strip trailing whitespaceSimon Rozet1+3-3
2009-06-07 10:50wrap long lines. working on downloads.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+8-4
2009-06-07 10:06removing urllist. bookmarking should be done externally.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-2
2009-06-06 19:12added spaceinvaders downloading support, thanks :)Enno Boland (Gottox)1+14-3
2009-06-06 18:34sorted functions in alphabetic order.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+169-170
2009-06-06 18:26reworked event system.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+95-52
2009-06-06 15:48typoEnno Boland (Gottox)1+10-6
2009-06-06 15:35typo.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+5-4
2009-06-06 15:26opening new windows works now.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+11-6
2009-06-06 15:12urlbar and searchbar are working.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+31-8
2009-06-06 14:30Adding search and urlbar. switching to getopt.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+99-56
2009-06-06 07:51corrected signal. anyway it still does not work.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2009-06-06 07:36typoEnno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2009-06-06 07:35rearranging, adding initial keyboard support.Enno Boland (Gottox)2+59-27
2009-06-05 18:16supporting multiple windows per instanceEnno Boland (Gottox)2+127-79
2009-06-05 16:05removed all unneeded event listeners... really!Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-3
2009-06-05 16:00removed unneeded event listeners and reworked file opener.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+13-20
2009-06-05 15:46removed reading from stdin in favor of Xproperties.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+61-27
2009-06-05 11:22Initial Commit.Enno Boland (Gottox)4+341-0