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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,12 @@ +This is a web application to gather how _subjects_ feel about a variety of _objects_. It is primarily used as a custom replacement of [Doodle][1] or [FramaDate][2] with more preference levels and a transposed presentation (so that when there are a lot of time slots and a few people, one scrolls vertically instead of horizontally). + +It consists of a [CHICKEN Scheme][3] HTTP server which handles POST requests and updates a JSON representation of the data, and some static files served by a regular webserver (e.g. nginx). + +It depends on [Spiffy][4] webserver and [sql-de-lite][5] binding of [SQLite][6] for persistent storage. + +[1]: "Free online meeting scheduling tool | Doodle" +[2]: "Framadate - Make your polls" +[3]: "CHICKEN Scheme" +[4]: "Spiffy - The CHICKEN Scheme wiki>" +[5]: "sql-de-lite - The CHICKEN Scheme wiki" +[6]: "SQLite Home Page"