Pebble activity tracker that records battery events
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      1 **Note**: I don't have a working Pebble anymore.
      2 This repository is archived and will not be updated anymore.
      4 # Battery-
      6 This Pebble watchapp is inspired from the wonderful Battery+
      7 by Ycleptic Studios. While waiting for it to be ported on the Pebble
      8 Time Round, `Battry-` gathers the same input data and make it directly
      9 available.
     11 So technically, it uses the activity tracker slot to gather all
     12 battery-related events and store them into persistent storage. The
     13 user-facing app retrieves the data and displays it in a simple menu.
     15 `Battery-` is also available for rectangular Pebbles, for people who
     16 would rather have the raw data to process themselves, instead of the
     17 ready-to-use processed data showed by `Battery+`.