Pebble activity tracker that records battery events
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2024-06-15 09:23Archive the repositoryNatasha Kerensikova1+4-3
2016-08-07 19:47Fix app crash on auto wakeup (there is no menu to mark in this case)Natasha Kerensikova1+1-0
2016-06-02 21:18Rename identifiers from `upload_*` to `sent_*`Natasha Kerensikova1+18-18
2016-06-01 18:23Remove duplicate case blockNatasha Kerensikova1+1-8
2016-05-28 21:26Add a status menu item to the menu UINatasha Kerensikova1+52-6
2016-05-27 20:33Use lastSent message to autoclose after the end of uploadNatasha Kerensikova1+11-2
2016-05-26 16:49Fix storage of lastSent on phone sideNatasha Kerensikova1+1-1
2016-05-25 21:41Fix stupid functionification of array lengthNatasha Kerensikova1+1-1
2016-05-23 14:56Send a message to the watch when the phone send queue becomes emptyNatasha Kerensikova2+4-0
2016-05-22 18:56Clean pending wakeup on app initNatasha Kerensikova1+1-0
2016-05-21 20:46Automatically close watchapp when automatically woken upNatasha Kerensikova1+25-2
2016-05-20 21:37Add actual support for automatic wakeup of the watchappNatasha Kerensikova1+30-0
2016-05-19 16:53Add javascript handling of automatic wakeup configurationNatasha Kerensikova2+26-1
2016-05-18 21:26Add configuration UI for automatic wakeup timeNatasha Kerensikova1+34-0
2016-05-17 20:16Add actual support for CSV data signatureNatasha Kerensikova1+51-0
2016-05-14 17:12Add configuration fields for CSV data signatureNatasha Kerensikova1+72-3
2016-05-13 21:50Import javascript SHA-* code from Kerensikova1+37-0
2016-05-12 21:04Add upload of CSV data from phone to the configured web serverNatasha Kerensikova1+46-1
2016-05-11 20:29Add transmission of CSV data from watch to phoneNatasha Kerensikova3+151-0
2016-05-10 21:10Add dictionary tools from my other projectsNatasha Kerensikova2+132-0
2016-05-09 21:57Add javascript to handle the configurationNatasha Kerensikova2+85-0
2016-05-08 21:11Add a basic configuration pageNatasha Kerensikova1+140-0
2016-05-07 20:38Add a CSV representation of an eventNatasha Kerensikova1+104-0
2016-05-06 21:51Move first-index computation to a dedicated functionNatasha Kerensikova1+17-6
2016-02-05 20:54Mark release v1.1Natasha Kerensikova1+1-1
2016-02-04 18:00Rebuild the main menu when returning from a dialog messageNatasha Kerensikova1+78-38
2016-02-02 22:05Use simple dialog messages to give feedback for UI actionsNatasha Kerensikova1+44-2
2016-02-01 18:06New module that provides a simple message windowNatasha Kerensikova2+133-0
2016-01-31 22:27Add a menu item to start or stop the worker in the main UINatasha Kerensikova1+41-7
2015-12-23 19:47Add a compile-time switch for UI testsNatasha Kerensikova1+64-0
2015-12-22 21:47Add basic UI codeNatasha Kerensikova1+206-0
2015-12-21 18:27Add basic code for the workerNatasha Kerensikova2+205-0
2015-12-20 18:48Add basic infrastructure to the projectNatasha Kerensikova5+54-0
2015-12-19 22:24initial empty check-inNatasha Kerensikova0+0-0